vrijdag 28 november 2014

Gids voor gebruik van games in de les + handige video's over hoe je dat doet

Bij mijn zoektocht naar gegevens over de geweldige game Wuzzit Trouble (weer zo'n prachtige intuïtieve rekengame) kwam ik deze gids tegen: Mind/Shift Guide to digital games + learning.

In die gids vind je de volgende onderwerpen:

Introduction: Getting in the Game
An overview of games in the classroom from Katie Salen Tekinba

What the Research Says About Gaming and Screen Time
Much of the research around digital games and screen time is evolving. Pediatricians, academics,
educators, and researchers are working to find answers to how games and technology affect
learners of all ages.

How to Start Using Digital Games for Learning
Since each learning environment is unique, here are some steps to assessing your resources before
committing to a particular game or platform. See how some educators are using digital games in
the classroom and how they find support.

How to Choose a Digital Learning Game 
The sheer volume of games classified as educational can be overwhelming. This section gives you a
starting point for game selection by providing an understanding of the types of games available in
the marketplace and how to go about selecting them.

Overcoming Obstacles for Using Digital Games in the Classroom 
As game use in the classroom continues to grow, barriers to deployment also need to be
addressed. A recent survey of teachers outlines exactly which obstacles get in the way of successful
implementation; solutions to those concerns are outlined in this section.

How Teachers Are Using Games in the Classroom 
Examples of how teachers use games are embedded throughout the guide (including video
examples), but this section takes an in-depth look at how some teachers are using games
Getty in the classroom and their real-life struggles and victories.

De gids is hier gratis te downloaden.
Behalve voorbeelden van games vind je in het eerste hoofdstuk ook deze link naar handige video's over het gebruik van games in de les.

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